018 // Why you Need to Trust in Divine Timing When it Comes to HOW LONG Your Manifestations Take


Babe, if there’s one thing I get asked A LOT, it’s ‘how long will my manifestation take?’

More often than not, I talk to babes about manifestation, and their biggest concern is when it will happen, and how to speed up the manifestation process. If you’ve been wondering this yourself, then get excited gal, cause I’m about to break it all down for ya. Trust me, if you hear me on this, this has the power to CHANGE EVERYTHING.

In this episode, we talk about:

↣ How to learn to trust in divine timing and why it is so important

↣ Why the Universe knows exactly when to deliver your manifestations

↣ How to stop blocking your manifestation process, and actually trust that it is coming for you

↣ Why everything that happens, happens exactly when it is meant to

↣ How to let go of the ‘when’ and to actually let your manifestations come to you

↣ Why your timeframe might not be the ‘right’ timeframe for what you want to manifest

↣ Why you actually need to go through certain situations in order to be ready for your manifestations to occur

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