029 // Is Fear of Success Holding You Back?


After speaking with one of my clients the other day and working through her blocks around Fear of Success, I knew that I had been a part of that process in divine timing and that it was a message I needed to share with you babes here on the Podcast. Fear of Success is something that isn't spoken about nearly enough, considering it plagues a lot of us and holds a lot of us back from fulfilling our soul purpose. Which is why I'm so excited to talk to you in today's episode all about how to identify a fear of success, and how to move through it in complete alignment, so that you can manifest your big goals, dreams and desires!

In today's episode, I talk to you about:

↣ Why fear of success is only another way of Ego showing up to keep you small

↣ How holding yourself back is actually unfair not just to you, but to others

↣ Why fear of success does not serve you, and how to stop identifying with it

↣ Why the signs from your intuition are the ultimate truth, and how to choose that over Ego

↣ Why anyone that doesn't support your success isn't worthy of being part of your journey

↣ How to move through your limiting beliefs and blocks around fear of success to manifest your dreams

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Appreciate and love you so much babe! Thank you for taking the time to listen! If you enjoyed the episode, please let me know by leaving a review on iTunes! xxx

Taylor Rae