037 // How to actually make a change in your life so you can manifest exactly what you want


Today’s episode is all about how to change your life, at any moment, so you can manifest more of what you want. Often, we get so stuck in our comfort zones, telling ourselves that we are “going to” change, that we never end up doing it, but today’s episode is going to change that, and it’s going to give you the steps you need, to start making that change today.

In this episode I talk to you babes about:

↣ Why your comfort zone is the one place you don’t want to be

↣ How to decide to make a change in your life

↣ What to do once you’ve made the decision

↣ How to start taking action so that you start manifesting what you want

↣ Why setting an intention is so important

↣ The importance of celebrating even the smallest changes

↣ Why your plans might change along the way, and that’s perfect

↣ There are no goals that are too big, sometimes we just need to break down how to get there

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Taylor Rae