038 // How to manifest confidence and come into true alignment with yourself


Something I get asked about all the time, is how to manifest confidence, how to find alignment in who you are, and how to show up authentically and apologise to no one for it! And today, I’m sharing with you exactly how to do that, by learning to manifest more confidence into your life.

In this episode I talk to you babes about:

↣ How to stop apologising for who you are and how to feel confident in your own skin

↣ How to own your style and not care what anyone thinks of you for it

↣ How I’ve gone through a journey of not loving who I was to being so authentic and loving myself completely today

↣ Why affirmations are so powerful in manifesting confidence

↣ The five things you need to do, to step into the confident version of you, today

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Taylor Rae