039 // Do this ONE simple thing to RAISE YOUR VIBES instantly!


Today, I was blessed to receive not one, but two signs from the Universe, one after the other, on exactly what I needed to do, in order to raise my vibration. And that was to DANCE! Dancing is one of the most powerful things you can do to shift your energy and raise your vibes, and today I’m talking all about why it is so important, and how it will help you raise your vibes too.

In today’s episode I talk to you babes about:

↣ Why it’s important we don’t stay stagnant, and we do things to raise our vibes

↣ Why dance is so important for connecting to your divine feminine and how it shifts your energy

↣ How you are so connected to the this Earth that is constantly moving, and why you need to as well

↣ The benefits of dance for raising your vibration and shifting your energy

↣ The two signs that came up SO strongly for me today, telling me I needed to DANCE

↣ Why I’m grateful for the tools I have that bring me back into alignment even when Ego takes over

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Taylor Rae