041 // What to do to release stress, overwhelm and pressure, so that you can keep manifesting your biggest desires


Something I really wanted to share with you was the importance of releasing the pressure you are putting on yourself to get everything done all at once. Often when we are manifesting big goals, dreams and desires we get very caught up in being busy, smashing out to-do lists and pushing hard to achieve our goals. But something we need to realise is that often that is making us a block for manifesting our desires, and what we actually need to do to allow our desires to flow to us easily, is actually the exact opposite.

Here’s what I talk to you babes about in this episode:

↣ Why feeling stress and overwhelm is often a sign that you are right on the edge of a massive up level

↣ Why you need to release the pressure you are putting on yourself to get everything done

↣ Why sometimes saying NO to everything on your to-do list is sometimes the best thing you can do

↣ The importance of prioritising play when it comes to manifesting your desires

↣ Why doing something fun is the best thing you can do to allow your desires to flow to you

↣ Why being productive and taking inspired action is so much more important than being busy

↣ How to become a vibrational match for your desires rather than a block for them

↣ Why taking a break can sometimes be much better for manifesting, than ticking off a to-do list

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Appreciate and love you so much babe! Thank you for taking the time to listen! If you enjoyed the episode, please let me know by leaving a review on iTunes! xxx

Taylor Rae