044 // Want to Attract More Money and Financial Abundance into Your Life? Ask Yourself These THREE Questions


When it comes to manifesting money and financial abundance, I often get asked how to make it easier, how to manifest more of it, and how to become more abundant. And one of the most important things you can do is ask yourself three questions, which I share with you in today’s episode.

Here’s what I talk to you babes about in this episode:

↣ Why you need to be open to receiving money in order for it to manifest

↣ Shifting your energy in order to allow more money to flow to you easily

↣ How to stop being a block for money that wants to make its way to you

↣ Why wanting money is different to knowing it is on its way to you

↣ How to take inspired action to allow financial abundance into your life

↣ The importance of celebrating money and recognising the abundance in your life

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Appreciate and love you so much babe! Thank you for taking the time to listen! If you enjoyed the episode, please let me know by leaving a review on iTunes! xxx

Taylor Rae