053 // Learning to Trust in the Cycles and Phases of Life and How the Law of Rhythm has ALWAYS Got You


Life has cycles, phases and seasons and it is all a part of the Law of Rhythm. While a lot of us know the Law of Attraction, what we sometimes don’t realise is that there are a whole bunch of other Universal Laws that are always working for you, including the Law of Rhythm.

In today’s episode, I talk to you babes about:

↣ What the Law of Rhythm actually is and how it is always working for you

↣ How you have seasons, just like our Earth and why you need to honour them

↣ The importance of taking a break when you feel inspired to do so

↣ Why Inspired Action is so important, but so too is taking time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation

↣ How the ending of one phase is the beginning of a new one

↣ Why everything happens in cycles and how to see one door closing as the opening of another

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Taylor Rae