056 // [PART TWO] 27 Lessons I’ve Learned In My 27 Years That Helped Me Manifest My DREAM LIFE


Continuing on from Part 1 of my 27 Lessons Series, I am so excited to bring you the second half of this literal “life-changing” podcast, because what I am sharing with you here changed my life, and has the power to change yours too, if you let it.

In this episode I talk to you babes about:

↣ How to take Inspired Action over random action

↣ How to let go of any resistance or blocks when it comes to manifesting

↣ How to choose alignment over Ego, every time

↣ How to raise the vibration of the planet and step into your power fully

↣ How to allow life and manifesting to be easy

...plus so much more

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Appreciate and love you so much babe! Thank you for taking the time to listen! If you enjoyed the episode, please let me know by leaving a review on iTunes! xxx

Taylor Rae