057 // You Believing You Have a Block is The ONLY Thing Actually Blocking You


Something I got asked about all the time, is how to move through blocks that are holding you back. And today babe, I’m here to help you realise, that that block you think you have - it’s not real. And moving through it is far easier than you realise. Because as soon as you realise what I’m sharing with you inside of this episode, you take away its power - and soon enough I promise you’ll be asking yourself... ‘what block?’

In today’s episode, I share with you:

↣ Why there is no such thing as a block

↣ How to shift the stories you are telling yourself to release the resistance

↣ Why things ‘not manifesting for you’ is all to do with your energy

↣ How you define your truth based on what you affirm to yourself

↣ How to release the ‘blocks’ that you are creating for yourself, to become a magnet for all you desire

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Taylor Rae