061 // Six Steps To Manifest Love And Your Dream Partner Using The Law Of Attraction


So you babes ask me all the time over on Instagram, how to call that love in, how to manifest your dream partner, and how to attract that love-filled relationship you so desire. And so here I am, letting you know exactly how to manifest love in six simple steps.

Here’s all the Strong Babe Goodness in today’s episode:

↣ How to decide you are ready to actually call in love

↣ What to do in order to remove the resistance you might secretly have to calling in your dream partner

↣ Why clarity is EVERYTHING when it comes to manifesting your dream partner

↣ Why manifesting love is more about what’s going on with YOU than you might think

↣ Why self love and self care is so important to manifesting a dream relationship

↣ How to set your intentions to the Universe so that you signal you are ready to receive (I’m giving you the EXACT affirmation you need to use!)

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