073 // Why Showing Up Authentically Is SO Important To How You Manifest + What You Call In


Something I used to struggle with, was giving myself permission to show up as the true and authentic version of me. I used to hide behind what I thought people wanted or expected of me, and as a result held myself back from calling in all I was so worthy. Giving myself permission to step into my authentic self changed everything, and I know it will for you too. It’s time that you let go of the fear of what people might think of you, that you let go of the stories that the ‘real you’ isn’t good enough, and that you step into your authentic self fully, because when you do that, you manifest more of what you want and more of what you are so worthy of - so much faster.

Here’s just some of the Strong Babe Shifts waiting for you in today’s episode:

↣ Why you need to be the authentic version of you, to call in who and what you want

↣ Why giving yourself permission to find the REAL you shifts everything when it comes to manifesting

↣ My story of releasing fear around who I really was, and what stepping into that fully, looked like

↣ How taking off ‘the mask’ raises your vibration and calls in people aligned with you

↣ How showing up authentically impacts those around you, including your audience, clients, family, friends and colleagues

↣ How to find the real you and understand what it means to show up authentically

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