074 // How To Let Go Of the Guilt and Be a Little Gentle on Yourself So That You Can Manifest Your Big Desires


Babe, if you are manifesting massive things in your life - trust me when I say I understand that sometimes it can get easy to push aside the need to rest in favour for hustling towards those goals. But what’s so important to realise, and what I talk about on this episode, is why taking a break is sometimes the EXACT thing you need to do, in order to call in those big dreams. There’s something to be said for resetting, shifting your energy and looking after you, by prioritising rest - and on this episode I’m talking all about why being a little gentle on yourself can actually help your manifestation process, not hinder it.

Here’s just some of the Strong Babe Shifts waiting for you in today’s episode:

↣ Why listening to your body and getting some rest is so important to manifesting

↣ How to let go of guilt around taking a break

↣ Why sometimes stopping is the exact thing you need to do to raise your vibes

↣ Why you can’t expect to receive if you don’t allow yourself to recharge

↣ Why rest and self care is so important to your manifestation journey

↣ How to give yourself permission to be a little more gentle on yourself

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