090 // Do these THREE THINGS if you want to call in MORE CLIENTS!


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Something I see so often is incredible babes here to have a massive impact, struggling to call clients into their business, not reaching the audience they know needs their message, and not bringing in the money they desire to make, and a lot of it comes down to the resistance we are actually creating ourselves, often without realising it. 

Inside this episode I’m diving into three of the biggest mistakes I see made that stops you from attracting soulmate clients, and what to do to fix it.

Strong Babe Shifts In This Episode:

↣ Why Aligned Action is different to Busy Action and which one we want to be taking

↣ The importance of investing in yourself and the energetic commitment it creates

↣ My experience in investing in myself with courses and coaches and what has manifested as a result

↣ Why I understand the fear that can be there when you first do it, but why moving through that fear opens up the doors for receiving everything

↣ What to expect from a course, mentorship or program and how to make sure you’re picking the right one for you

↣ The results that come from investing in yourself and the uplevels it brings, and why every time you do it it becomes easier

↣ How to trust in the answers you receive when you ask for help and why taking action on them is everything

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Learn the three secrets that allowed me to unlock my manifestation power and call in my biggest desires with ease!