098 // COMPARISONITIS KILLS! Stop Comparing + Start Showing Up!

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One of the biggest things I see holding babes back from stepping into their power and calling in the impact and abundance they are here for as online coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs, is comparing to others.

Comparisonitis - it can strike when you least expect it, and in this episode we are talking all about how to move through it, how to stay in your lane and how to stay focused on where you are going and what you are calling in, so that you can get there fast.

Here’s what’s in this episode:

↣ How to reframe comparisonitis so you can beat it forever

↣ How to stop comparing to other people

↣ The importance of staying in your own lane and how to do it in this social media age

↣ Why comparing only slows you down in business and what to do instead

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